Three Young Papuans and The 1928 Sumpah Pemuda

The spirit of 1928 Youth Pledge must remain in the current generation of young people. Moreover, the younger generation is a pillar of the successor of the nation and state, “.


West papua The Youth Pledge (Sumpah Pemuda) was a declaration made on 28 October 1928 by young Indonesia nationalists in the Second Youth Congress (Kongres Pemuda Kedua). They proclaimed three ideals; one motherland, one nation and one language.

At that time, there were three young Papuans, namely Abner Ohee, Aitai Karubaba, and Orpa Pallo, participating in the 1928 Youth Pledge Congress.  Emulating their heroism is a must because many indigenous Papuans are unaware of the presence of three young Papuans, attending and witnessing the historic Youth Pledge.

The Youth Pledge of 1928 is very significant because young people from all regions of the Dutch East Indies agreed to pledge “one country, nation, and language, Indonesian”. Understanding this history is vital importance to reject the effort of a group of young men want to deflect this solid history and to deceit the young Papuans mindset to separate Papua from Indonesia.

Photo :

To remind us, the now eternal pledge has read :

We the sons and daughters of Indonesia, acknowledge one motherland, Indonesia.
We the sons and daughters of Indonesia, acknowledge one nation [are one people], the nation of Indonesia.
We the sons and daughters of Indonesia, respect the language of unity, Indonesia.


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