A Papuan guerrilla fighter has surrendered his arms to the security voluntarily

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West papua – Considering that, his weapon he carried out and his guerilla opposing government have no given value to the Papuan community, Tendison Enumbi chooses to come back to normal life among the Papuan community. He has handed over his own “Baretta handgun” to the government.  

The voluntary surrender of Tendison weapon carried out symbolically to the Puncak Jaya Regency Government on June 22, 2020. The procession was witnessed by Regional Leadership Communication Forum  (Forkopimda) personnel, civil services staff, village heads,  and traditional leaders. The Chairperson of Parliament of Puncak Jaya Regency Zakarias Telenggen stated his happiness to Tendison choice. The Regent of Puncak Jaya, Yuni Wonda, promise to seek suitable work for Tendison. Congratulations Tendison Enumbi, your steps will be an example for other guerrilla fighters to follow.

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