The ungodly Bomanak, no need to listen his word and ignore his command.


West papua – Jeffrey Bomanak has been planning to give a speech on July 1, 2020 at 00.45 in order to sue the 1969 Act of Free Choice, whereas the Act was consciously free choice of Papuan forefathers, based on perfect and lively thinking for the sake of next young Papuan generation. Our forefather with total 1.025 men and women were believed by us to consult first with previous ancestors. It is impossible that their voices and choice was wrong. 

One of the 1969 Pepera executants, Silo Sukarno Doga, ever proposed as a national hero from Pegunungan Tengah Papua, a high honor for Bhinneka hero. Silo Doga was the most influential head of a large tribe in Pegunungan Tengah, Jayawijaya. Doga has a view that Papua and Indonesia as one, the best thing for the Papuan tribes to enhance strong brotherhood, full of love and loyalty.

From an international perspective, Papera 1969 did not deviate from the agreement between Indonesia and the Netherlands in 1962. The implementation of the 1969 Act had also been confirmed by the United Nations in General Assembly resolution 2504 (XXIV. Furthermore, none of any countries rejected the 1969 Act. In the provisions of the UN Charter or the Statute of the International Court of Justice, no regulations to review legal previous products issued by organs within the United Nations, including General Assembly resolution. It means the results of the 1969 Act has been accepted by the international community. The truth recognized by international is surely right and certainly true.

We, young west Papuan, no need to follow the footsteps of the disobedient and ungodly Bomanak, but let us pray for him to regain his consciousness to accept the footsteps of our noble and glorious of ancestors who have idolized  the 1969 Act.

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