Misuh International contest 2020, #Misuh Pandemi

West papua – There is something interesting about the activities carried out by Jawasastra.com namely Misuh Contest 2020.   This reminds the stupidity of people who say that monkey is a term only for a particular tribe. By taking part in this contest, hopefully it il lopen the eyes of people who are blind to Javanese culture known as Misuh. Misuh can be translate as friendly greetings, too.Therefore, it is better for Nick Haslam, a psychologist from the University of Melbourne, Australia, to learn Misuh.

The committee, Jawa Sastra, said that year 2020, within the noisy emotions of the heart, Jawasastra Culture Movement called Misuh Dance again. It’s ,been three times since the Misuh Tournament was held, for the third time this time, Misuh Competition tries to engage every emotion you have about a pandemic situation, to be titled Take a Pandemonium. Matter of what object or who is being targeted blade, it’s up to you as long as you still dare to be responsible and not offend SARA! Release feelings.

Misuh competitions start from the date 08 July 2020 until date 07 August 2020 o’clock 23.59 WIB. Winners announced on 11 August 2020 through Jawasastra’s social media accounts and Google Meet. Gift delivery starts 29 s.d 03 September 2020.

In the Misuh contest, many dirty words used, such as Jaran (horse), ketek (monkey), bajing (squirrel), kirik (dog),  jancuk (jerk, damn it) but it is prohibited to exploit racist and sexist in nature. Pornography is not permissible, video cannot exceed three minutes and prohibited from including things SARA (Suku , Agama , Ras dan Antar Golongan , meaning ethnic group , religion , race , and group based-interest).

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