West Papua young scientist program is working to become reliable researchers

Ecodiplomat (doc:Econusa)

West Papua (ywp) – The EcoNusa Foundation together with the West Papua Province Regional Research and Development Agency have called young researchers to collaborate through the Papua Young Scientists program. This collaboration is a form of cross-stakeholder cooperation that can enhance the research treasure. The registration of the Papua Young Scientists Program itself was open until July 17, 2020 to invite young people in the Land of Papua to become reliable researchers.

The land of Papua is home to a diversity of flora and fauna. There are 3,764 vertebrate species and 200,000 invertebrate species. In addition there are also 13,402 vascular plant species. The number will continue to raise considering there are still many areas that have not been touched by researchers.

The presence of young researchers by conveying innovative and creative research ideas is needed to discover the wealth of natural resources in the path of sustainable development that is the ‘mecca’ of the West Papua Provincial Government. Without further research, it is quite possible the inherited natural and cultural wealth will be lost before next generation  know it.

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