The 9 indigenous communities in Jayapura have been receiving appreciation so far.

“Who considered Papuan Indigenous peoples have gone”. The Jayapura Regent, Mathius Awoitouw states,” Today, you are still there, you are still alive, you have identity and dignity.” (Chairperson of the LMA’s statement in 2014)

Appreciation on West Papua tribes

West Papua (ywp) – It was in 2014. The Chairperson of the Jayapura Indigenous Community Institution (LMA) proudly walked with full of confidence to the stage, followed by a number of other traditional leaders in Jayapura.

He said “On behalf of the nine tribes of customary law (hukum adat) communities in Jayapura Regency, I would like to express their gratitude for the acknowledgment of our existences. May, today in this land, new history take place,”.

The nine tribes of the Tribal Customary Council (DAS) in Jayapura Regency are the Sentani-Buyakha tribe, Imbi-Numbai tribe, Oktim tribe, Tepra tribe, Djoukari tribe, Elseng tribe, Demutru tribe, Moi tribe and Yowari tribe.

Performing dances during appreciation day

Since Friday, 24 October 2014, this event has become important for indigenous peoples in Jayapura due to the Jayapura Regent’s decision to give legal recognition to nine traditional Jayapura tribes.

 Therefore, it is no longer appropriate to manipulate the peace and prosperity of the people of Papua and West Papua by conducting fruitless activities in the Netherlands next August 9, 2020.

We encourage young Papua and West Papua living or studying in the Netherlands not to attend the event although being intimidated by one of these group among others MABIKAs Foundation-The Netherlands, the Free West Papua Campaign (Netherlands), Building the Baileo, Kamarasai K’alina en Aralez.

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