The walls of our Papuan buildings and fences could talk

To my dearest sisters, Homes, Foxton and Professor Jones,

Salam Bhinneka,

First, I was somewhat surprised by your statement that the walls of our Papuan houses and fences are speechless. Judging us to have wordless walls and fences is really being a bit rude of you.  What do you think, if we remark, you do indeed have blind eyes, blind eye-knowledge for us.  Please note and listen, Papua has Youth Centers at seven indigenous territories Papua so that young Papuans can further develop their talents in order to achieve their goals and make Papua far more advanced.  Outside that, anywhere in Papua, we freely talk about our dreams, about our future and even though talk about human rights.

For you Homes, indeed, you do think wrongly about us, therefore we attempt to straighten your mistake of thinking out. How much the amount of time  you spend in front of screen—television, cell phone, or computer, don’t you come upon so many Papua news that you can  run down including the rapid development of Papua, due to Indonesia is one of democratic nation with the  highest freedom index in Southeast Asia.

Next to you, Foxton, your choice to select Homes as the role model is inappropriate. How it is possible, Homes who weeps for our happiness and freedom is chosen by you, rather we are Papuan, the rights ones whom to cry for you both, because you proudly promote your own mistaken assumptions.

Hi, Professor Jones, do not we study to the university in order to throw away wrong assumption, but we learn and conduct academic research instead,  which is important for wise decision-making. Then why do you make the esteem campus wall become a place to carve your unsupported assumptions?  It only demean yourself and could tarnish the name of a great and prestigious campus.

Therefore, Homes, Foxton, and Jones, please start throwing away your wrong assumptions about us. Come and meet us in Papua to find together the beauty of Papua, so then we can ask you be respectful and tolerant of our cultural differences.

Last but not least,  after visiting Papua or after reading our love letter,  you should be miserable to  exploit the wall of Wollongong University where it strongly stands by rolling, spraying and painting around 30 liters of paint over nine days on it, due to it would be more appropriate to perpetuate the diversity and the progress of Papuan development. By carving out the existence of our Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity) on the wall of your esteem campus, the world will note that all of you do not  shut the walls of our Papuan buildings and fences up.

Thank you and with best wishes from youngwestpapua.